F.I.G.H.T. Training LLC "Preparing you to survive the FIGHT"

Why take our "FLORIDA CONCEALED WEAPONS LICENSE CERTIFICATE COURSE" over our competitors course?

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As per State Law participants must show proficiency and safe handling with a firearm in order to receive a certificate. We looked at many CCW courses in Central Florida and decided to bridge a gap in the institutional inbreeding of firearms training for a concealed weapons certificate. Our course is hands on, we do not put on a video for a hour and have you shoot two bullets in a bucket!

We teach you the skills needed to feel comfortable carrying a firearm in public, with techniques that make you a better shooter, safer and more proficient at your goal in protecting yourself and your family. No one will leave our live fire class without firing a minimum of 50 rounds. You will learn threat focused cognitive thinking abilities. Proper gun handling techniques for the environment you will use the gun in "the public". When you leave our class you will feel confident with a firearm!