Firearms Training with a focus on real world applications!


 With proper evolution's of training in Self-Defense and Firearms you can protect yourself, your family and your legacy. Proper training ends the cycle that associates you as a victim, it empowers you to be the victor. We strive to cultivate a survival mindset, polish cognitive thinking abilities and define fundamentals in all our students and alumni to give them the training advantage.   

"No Law Ever Prevented A Crime" Be Prepared!

Dedicated Instructors


F.I.G.H.T Training Instructors are all certified by the NRA.They are highly trained men and women who have been there done that. They have a background of military, law enforcement or have a high degree and experience of training in their field.  

Concealed Carry Certification


This course, once completed, will allow you to receive the State required certificate to obtain your concealed weapon or firearm license. You must be a US citizen or permanent resident and must be legally able to purchase and own a firearm.  However, firearm ownership is not required. The training course was built to get shooters on a good path to become responsible armed citizens with a focus on firearm safety. As per State Law participants must show proficiency and safe handling with a firearm.  

Defensive Pistol Training Classes


Have you got your Concealed Carry Certification? If so, great! Now, are you trained? Are you comfortable carrying your weapon every day? Can you draw your weapon quickly and safely? Does your level of training make you confident that you can protect yourself and your family from a deadly threat?

If you answered "No" to any of those questions our Defensive Pistol Training Classes are for you! 

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Defensive Rifle Training Classes


At closer home-defense ranges, modern sporting rifles are far more forgiving and easier to shoot accurately than handguns. In a home defense situation, you might come face-to-face with one intruder. Or you might not. More and more home invasions involve multiple perpetrators. Our Defensive Rifle Training Classes are designed to teach you the tools needed to use a rifle as a force multiplier, giving you the ability to survive a deadly attack in your home.  

Ares Training Facility in Leesburg, FL.


We have chosen to make Ares Training Facility our home range because we love it so much.  Ares Training Facility is located in Leesburg Florida. The 100 acre outdoor facility is beautiful, safe, and provides a fluid training environment for our students.  

 35615 North Treasure Island Avenue, Leesburg, Florida 34788, United States

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